Bundang is a wealthy district of southern Seoul, although it is officially part of Gyeonggi Province. As it is a fairly new developed city, it is very organized and clean with many parks, restaurants, shopping areas, and good transportation. Bundang is connected to metropolitan Seoul by way of two subway lines (Bundang line and Sinbundang line) and many intercity buses.


Get around

A quick way to get to Gangnam would be to take the yellow Bundang line to Jeongja station (one stop) and transfer to the red Sinbundang line. The Sinbundang line is private so you will have to swipe your T-money card again. It takes approximately 16 minutes to get from Jeongja station to Gangnam station on the Sinbudang line.

There are many intercity buses that will take you to most anywhere in Bundang and metropolitan Seoul. You will find a bus stop right in front of King’s Hotel. The bus stop has maps with all the stops the uses make. Alternatively, you can download the Seoul Bus app onto your smartphone or tablet to help you figure out the Seoul bus system.

Taxis will take you wherever you want to go in Seoul, although this is an extremely expensive option from Bundang. 



Bundang Central Park

The biggest park in Bundang, Central Park has several walking trails and paths for jogging and biking. You can also relax at the large artificial lake. 

Yangjae Citizen’s Forest

Yangjae park is a urban forest where the Citizens can come to rest and relax. The park is made up of over 70 different species of trees scattered around the park. Many people like visiting Yangjae Forest for the acupuncture path. You must take off your shoes and socks and walk down the path that was designed to work on different acupuncture spots on your feet. When you come to the end of the path you can wash you feet in the man made stream while relaxing.

Jeongja Café Street

Step out of Korea and into a slice of Europe without even leaving Bundang. Just go to Jeongja station (one stop away from Migeum station) and follow the signs that will take you into Jeongja Café Street. There, you will find several European-style cafés and restaurants. However, do not be surprised if you end up paying close to 10,000won for a café latte; the prices are also similar to those in Europe.



The Curry King

Japanese-style curry with chicken, pork or fish donkkasu complete the dishes at this restaurant. Pay before you eat at the machine next to the entrance and give your ticket to the cook. This is a very quick, easy, and inexpensive option. You can find one in Migeum (across from the King’s Hotel) and one in Seohyeon.

Dos Tacos

Burritos, tacos, nachos and many more Mexican dishes make up the menu at Dos Tacos. It may not be as good as the Mexican food from back home but it comes very close. All the ingredients are fresh and they always have avocado and cilantro on hand. Located near Seohyeon station.


If you are a brunch kind of person, then this is the restaurant for you. They serve pancakes, omelets, waffles, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, and many more no matter the time. Avoid the coffee here as it is expensive and not so good. Located at the end of Jeongja Café Street.

Paris Croissant

An upscale version of Paris Baguette with many great sandwiches, pastries and salads. Find it near Seohyeon station. 

Café Mama’s

The it sandwich place, Café Mama’s always has a line out the door with people waiting to devour their delicious sandwiches and salads. You will have to go to Gangnam station, exit 8 (behind the Samsung Town buildings) to eat here. Avoid the lunch rush hour. Walk in if you are just getting take out.



Traveler’s Bar & Grill

The original Traveller’s is located in Seohyeon and it’s very similar to the one found in Daegu.

The Wolfhound Pub

This is an Irish pub located in Itaewon and it serves beers and cocktails as well as typical bar food. The fish and chips come highly recommended.

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